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bière bio

5 Reasons to Choose Organic Beer

Beer, this millennial beverage that has traversed ages without aging, is today a staple choice in the menus of bars and restaurants around the world. But within this vast ocean of hops and malt, a new wind is blowing: that of organic beer. Silly Brewery, with its staples Silly Bio

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session ipa vs green killer

IPA vs Session IPA

Discover the Benefits of Silly Session IPA for a very refreshing Tasting Session Introduction IPA beers (India Pale Ale) are known for their hoppy character and pronounced bitterness, offering a rich and complex taste experience. Among them, Session IPA stands out for its lightness and low alcohol content, making this

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be silly prague

Opening of the first Be Silly bar in Prague

On March 3, the first Be Silly bar opened in Prague in the presence of the Belgian Consul and many fans of Belgian beers. This new concept of bar offering Belgian beers from Silly with Belgian dishes, was designed by the Brasserie de Silly with David Landau of the company

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brasserie silly

New challenges in 2023

The profession of brewer is exciting, but demanding and complex. Of course, we have to brew quality beers and offer high-level customer service to stay in the market. A market that seems to be struggling this first quarter of 2023 due to the declining purchasing power of consumers in Belgium

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