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of Brasserie de Silly

Gift idea: the half meter of beer

Soon the end of the year celebrations. The opportunity to offer gifts to all those we love. But it is not always easy to find the one that will please. Offer your customers half-meters of Silly beers ! Beer is always appreciated as a gift. The wooden boxes contain 9

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Brussels Beer Challenge image

Silver medal for the blond Enghien

The Enghien blonde has just won a silver medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge in the Pale & Amber Ale, Golden Ale category. The Brussels Beer Challenge is an annual international beer competition. It also aims to support beer culture. 2000 beers from around the world are tasted over three

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photo de groupe devant un stand silly beer

Many folk activities at the confrérie of Double Enghien

The Confrérie of Double Enghien was founded in 1984. The members of the Confrérie are part of the cultural and folkloric life of our beautiful region. They are committed to showcasing their beautiful city, Enghien, with its rich historical heritage. The motto of the brotherhood is “In Bono Promptus” (do

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brussel beer challenge silver medal

News from the Brasserie de Silly

Good news. On November 21, we have just obtained a silver medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge for the Enghien blonde in the Pale & Amber Ale, Golden Ale category. It is the recognition of our daily efforts for quality. We are proud to be Belgian brewers. In 2021, the

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photo d'une brasserie belge

A flight of vats for spring in Silly!

At the entrance of the Ville basse street in Silly, a huge crane spreads its boom high above the houses. The operation is precise and delicate: to “straddle” the roofs to install four new fermentation tanks in a part of the brewery recently fitted out. “These 3.5 T tanks will

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photo d'un employé d'une brasserie

Soaring energy and commodity prices

A new blow for our sector. After 2 years of Covid and with the high season approaching, the war in Ukraine and the sanctions are triggering a sharp rise in raw material and energy prices. We are concerned about the inflation of glass, paper, cardboard and energy costs. We are

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silly tripe et silly kriek

Two medals at the Lyon International Competition!

On March 26, 2022, the Silly brewery won 2 medals at the Lyon International Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition: a gold medal for the Silly Triple Bio, and a silver medal for the Silly Kriek. Lyon is known as the capital of the senses and taste. It is therefore natural

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silly bio photo

New: The Silly Bio, now in can format!

Silly Bio is a soft beer. After a very thirst-quenching mouthfeel, it leaves a dense malty taste in the aftertaste that reminds its initial lightness. It is very appreciated and has a growing success with consumers who are more and more sensitive to organic products. This is why it is

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Michaël Gendarme, production manager

My main responsibility is to ensure that our various beers are always in stock. So we are able to meet the needs of our customers. It’s complex because we produce a lot of beers. Larger orders, especially for export, must be integrated into the various schedules (brewing, filtration and bottling).

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3 medals for the Brasserie de Silly

The Brasserie de Silly won 3 prizes at the European Beer Challenge 2020. A double gold medal for the Abbaye de Forest. A gold medal for the Silly Bio. And a silver medal for the Silly Season. European Beer Challenge 2020 Europe represents a production of 400 million liters of

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La Divine, the divinely strong amber beer

In 1990 Jean-Paul Van der Haegen compiled the recipe for La Divine. Jean-Paul trained as a brewing engineer in Ghent. He is the father of Bertrand, one of the two owners of the brewery. The beer was created at the request of a beer merchant from Liège. It was he

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