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Michaël Gendarme, production manager

My main responsibility is to ensure that our various beers are always in stock. So we are able to meet the needs of our customers. It’s complex because we produce a lot of beers. Larger orders, especially for export, must be integrated into the various schedules (brewing, filtration and bottling).

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3 medals for the Brasserie de Silly

The Brasserie de Silly won 3 prizes at the European Beer Challenge 2020. A double gold medal for the Abbaye de Forest. A gold medal for the Silly Bio. And a silver medal for the Silly Season. European Beer Challenge 2020 Europe represents a production of 400 million liters of

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La Divine, the divinely strong amber beer

In 1990 Jean-Paul Van der Haegen compiled the recipe for La Divine. Jean-Paul trained as a brewing engineer in Ghent. He is the father of Bertrand, one of the two owners of the brewery. The beer was created at the request of a beer merchant from Liège. It was he

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Work on the production hall and in the laboratory

We have carried out several maintenance and installation jobs during the lockdown. The barrel line (barrels of 20, 25, 30 and 50 l) was set up in a brand new hall which is also used to mature a number of scotch barrels. We re-laid all the floors and pipes in

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New points-of-sale catalogue

This 45-page catalogue details the sales and marketing materials that Brasserie de Silly make available to you. Use them to give your customers a pleasant taste of our products: personalised glasses for each of our 17 craft beers, beer mats, tap lenses. We also offer promotional materials for the place

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Brasserie de Silly on a royal trade mission to China

Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid, representing His Royal Highness, led a trade mission to the People’s Republic of China. During this mission to Beijing and Shanghai the Princess was accompanied by federal and regional ministers. The mission, held between 16 and 22 November 2019, was organised by the Department for

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Mission accomplished for Brasserie de Silly

At the Horeca Expo in Ghent we received the medals awarded by the Brussels Beer Challenge for Silly Saison and Silly Scotch Pinot Noir Barrel Aged. We then partied at the stand of Brasserie de Silly. Horeca Expo is a leading trade fair for the hospitality industry: 640 exhibitors, 52,682

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Warming up with Enghien d’Hiver

The days of winter can be very cold indeed. The ideal opportunity to warm yourself up at home with a tasty winter beer. Last year Enghien Noël changed its name to Enghien d’Hiver as it is more than a Christmas beer. Enghien d’Hiver is meant to be enjoyed up until

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Silly Scotch gift set

Introduce your customers to the Silly Scotch gift set. An original gift in beautiful packaging. Silly Scotch is a full-mouthed, generous beer for the winter months. Moreover, as mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter, the Pinot Noir Barrel Aged version was awarded a silver at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2019. The

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Logistics manager Olivier Dehoust tells his story

I am responsible for logistics at Brasserie de Silly. Bertrand recruited me in January 2012. Ever since then my job has seen tremendous changes. I started off as a warehouse operative. I now enjoy the full confidence of Bertrand and Lionel within a brewery that is going places. In my

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