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Silly Discovery Box

1 box, 12 beers, 12 Flavors

Each beer in our box, skillfully brewed with our craftsmanship, will reveal a harmony of flavors for the pleasure of your palate or that of your friends.
And as our box contains 12 bottles, so many experiences are available to you.

Content of the box

12 Silly Craft Beers :
1 Silly Bio, 1 Silly Blanche, 1 Silly La Divine, 1 Double Enghien Brune, 1 Abbaye de Forest, 1 Green Killer, 1 Silly Kriek, 1 Pink Killer, 1 Silly Saison, 1 Silly Scotch, 1 Silly Sour, 1 Triple Swaf

1 exclusive Silly goodie et 3 coasters

1 x 15% voucher

Silly Discovery Box

12 beers 1 exclusive Silly goodie
+ 3 coasters + 
1 15% voucher



Discover the ultimate in elegance with Silly Scotch Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Aged! This exceptional beer offers the perfect fusion of wine and beer. Expertly created by our master brewer, each sip reveals a meticulous harmony of refined flavors.

barrel aged
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Hops n Pops Box

100% hops, 100% Taste

A selection of beers focused on the refreshing flavors of hops.

Content of the box

12 Silly Craft Beers :
2 x Silly Session IPA, 2 x Green Killer, 2 x Silly Triple Bio,
2 x Triple Swaf, 2 x Silly Bio, 2 x Silly Saison

Hops n Pops Box

2 x 6 Craft beers


Big Silly Discovery Box


classics, but make it large!

Discover the varied flavors of Brasserie de Silly in large format. Our greatest classics are finally gathered in a box format to share with your family and friends.

Content of the box

5 Silly Craft Beers :
1 x Silly Saison, 1 x Silly Scotch, 1 x Enghien, 1 x Triple Swaf, 1 x Abbaye de Forest
+ 1 Prestige beer
Silly Scotch Barrel Aged Bordeaux Pessac-Léognan

Big Silly Discovery Box

6x75cl Craft Beers

Silly Scotch Prestige Box


"Grand cru" beers

Discover or rediscover the Silly Scotch Barrel Aged in an exceptional box, and enjoy the round and enveloping flavors of our “Made in Silly” grands crus.

Content of the box

2 Silly Scotch + 4 Silly Scotch Barrel Aged: 2 Silly Scotch Barrel Aged Porto , 2 Silly Scotch Barrel Aged Bordeaux

Silly Scotch Prestige Box

2 x Silly Scotch 75cl
4 x 75cl Prestige Beers

The "Strong beers of Silly" box

Taste 6 beers of temperament

Tasting beers to dazzle your senses during moments of relaxation. Some strong beers are dark (Enghien brune, Silly Scotch, Silly Rouge), others are blond (Enghien blonde, Triple Swaf). Silly Divine is amber. What a pleasure!

Selection “Strong beers of Silly”

2 x Enghien blonde 2 x Enghien brune, 2 x Silly La Divine, 2 x Silly Scotch, 2 x Silly rouge, 2 x Triple Swaf

The "Blond beers of Silly" box

Discover the variety of Silly blond beers.

The universe of Silly blond beers is very varied. You will discover refreshing beers: Silly Pils, Silly Bio. An Abbey beer: Abbaye de Forest. An IPA: the Green Killer. A traditional regional beer: Enghien blonde. As well as a tasting triple: the Triple Swaf.

Selection “Blond beers of Silly”

2 x Forest, 2 x Enghien blonde, 2 x Silly Bio, 2 x Silly Pils, 2 x Triple Swaf, 2 x Green Killer

The "Killers" box

Grapefruit beers and IPAs

The “Killer” range consists of two beers with a strong character. On one hand, the “Green Killer”, an IPA (India Pale Ale), a top fermentation beer with a strong bitterness. On the other, the “Pink Killer”, a beer brewed with malt, wheat and pink grapefruit.

Selection “Killers”
6x Pink Killer et 6x Green Killer