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How Did the Session IPA Conquer the Beer World? Discover Its Rapid Rise

the conquest of ipa beer


Imagine a beer that packs all the explosive flavors of a classic IPA but with a lightness that allows you to enjoy it all day long. That’s exactly what a Session IPA offers. But how did this beer become so popular? Let’s dive into its history and discover its incredible rise.

The Beginnings of the Session IPA

The Origin of a Revolution

The Session IPA was born in the United States, at a time when beer enthusiasts were seeking intense flavors without the heavy alcohol content. Brewers envisioned a beer that kept the hoppy aromas of an IPA but with less alcohol. It’s like finding a way to enjoy a delicious dessert without any guilt!

What Makes a Session IPA Special?

The magic of the Session IPA lies in its balance. It’s light and refreshing, yet every sip is filled with fruity, floral, and sometimes even resinous notes. Imagine savoring a refreshing exotic fruit juice with a hint of hops to spice things up.

Why Is the Session IPA So Popular?

A Response to Modern Lifestyles

Today, more and more people are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle without giving up gourmet pleasures. The Session IPA is perfect for this: it allows you to enjoy a good beer without feeling too heavy or too drunk. It’s like finding the perfect balance between pleasure and moderation.

Breweries’ Innovation

Craft breweries have been the main promoters of the Session IPA. They have innovated and offered beers that are always more original and tasty. For example, Brasserie de Silly created the Silly Session IPA, a light beer with fruity aromas that everyone loves.

Worldwide Spread

Thanks to beer festivals, brewery collaborations, and the magic of social media, the Session IPA has quickly become known worldwide. Today, it’s as popular in Europe, Asia, and South America as it is in the United States.

The Future of the Session IPA

A Lasting Trend

The popularity of the Session IPA doesn’t seem to be waning. It continues to charm with its perfect balance of intense flavors and lightness. It’s like the perfect cocktail for a night out with friends: tasty, refreshing, and without excess.

Continuous Innovation

Brewers keep innovating to surprise beer lovers. Whether with new hops, local ingredients, or unique collaborations, the Session IPA is constantly evolving. For example, Brasserie de Silly continues to refine its Silly Session IPA to offer ever richer and more varied experiences.


The Session IPA has conquered the beer world thanks to its incredible balance between aromatic intensity and lightness. It perfectly meets the expectations of modern consumers looking for authentic flavors without the drawbacks of alcohol. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s high time to discover Brasserie de Silly’s Silly Session IPA. Cheers!