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Citrus fruit salad, ice cream and sabayon with Pink Killer

for 4 persons

Recipe by Laurent Devos and his students from the Haute Ecole Lucia de Brouckère with Pink Killer from the brewery of Silly. To be served with a Pink Killer from 4 to 7°C.


For Pink Killer ice cream
4 egg yolks
50 gr of sugar
300 gr of milk
200 gr of Pink Killer
2gr of Xantane
For the sabayon
6 egg yolks
12 half-shells of Pink Killer
9 sugar half-shells
Citrus fruits
Blood oranges
Mini Kiwi


1 / Make a custard with the sugar, eggs and milk.
Mix the Pink Killer with the Xantane and whip until frothy.
Mix the mousse with the custard and set in the freezer.

2 / Peel the citrus fruits and cut them into quarters.
Reserve the bitter citrus fruits in a syrup (50/50 sugar and water mixture) to reduce their bitterness.

3 / When sending, cold beat the yolks for the sabayon with the sugar and the Pink Killer. Bring the mixture to the stove and continue beating until a sabayon is obtained.

4 / Pass the ice cream through the Packojet and dress your citrus salad with a nice ice quenelle and the sabayon in a separate glass.