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Center-cut cod fillet with bacon, sweet potato quenelle and white beer sabayon from Silly

for 2 persons

Recipe of Ludovic Vifquin of the restaurant « Tatie Danielle »


Fresh coriander
400 gr of cod (2 pieces)
8 slices of bacon
Old fashioned mustard
10 cl Cream
1 Blanche de Silly
2 shallots
300 gr of sweet potatoes
Spinach palm
Soy Sprouts
Asian dressing (soy sauce, rice vinegar)
Egg yolk


1 / Salt and pepper the pieces of cod, brush them on one side with old-fashioned mustard. Wrap the pieces of cod in bacon. Set aside.

2 / Cook the sweet potatoes in a bain-marie for 30 minutes. Purée the potatoes with a little cream, salt and pepper. Set aside.

3 / Prepare the salad, mix the spinach shoots with the soy sprouts and the Asian dressing and shallots.

4 / Cook the cod pieces in a non-stick pan. Brown on each side then set aside 8 minutes at 100°c in the oven.

5 / Prepare the sabayon, cook the egg yolk with a little Blanche de Silly, add a little cream and emulsify with a blender.

6 / Arrange the salad on the plate, prepare the dumplings to arrange on the plate. Arrange the fish. Finish with the emulsified sauce and a little fresh coriander.