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IPA vs Session IPA

session ipa vs green killer

Discover the Benefits of Silly Session IPA for a very refreshing Tasting Session


IPA beers (India Pale Ale) are known for their hoppy character and pronounced bitterness, offering a rich and complex taste experience. Among them, Session IPA stands out for its lightness and low alcohol content, making this light beer ideal for prolonged tasting.

Brasserie de Silly, with its rich brewing tradition, offers two excellent options for IPA lovers: Green Killer IPA and Silly Session IPA.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of choosing a Silly Session IPA, highlighting the characteristics that give it an unforgettable tasting experience..

What is an IPA?

Origins and Characteristics

IPA, or India Pale Ale, is a style of beer that originated in the 18th century in England. At that time, British brewers faced a challenge: how to preserve the quality of their beer during long sea voyages, especially to the British colonies in India?

The solution found was to increase the beer’s hop and alcohol content. Hops, in addition to imparting a characteristic bitterness, have natural preservative properties, while higher alcohol helped prevent microbial contamination. Thus, the India Pale Ale was born, a stronger and more hoppy beer, capable of withstanding the difficult conditions of the sea voyage.

Modern IPAs are distinguished by their strong bitterness, intense aromas, and color that varies from golden to copper. They are generally brewed with a wide variety of hops, each contributing particular aromatic notes, ranging from floral to fruity, to resinous and citrusy. The alcohol content of IPAs can vary, but it is generally in the medium to high range.

Over time, IPA has become very popular with craft beer fans, creating various versions and regional styles. Its success lies in its rich and complex taste, which can be adjusted according to personal tastes in hops, bitterness, and aromas.

IPA Varieties

There are several IPA variants, each offering a unique taste experience:

  • Classic IPA: Balanced between bitterness and hop aromas, with a medium to high alcohol content.

  • Double IPA or Imperial IPA: More intense in alcohol and hop flavors.

  • Session IPA: A lighter version, with low alcohol content and moderate bitterness, while retaining the characteristic IPA aromas.

Session IPA: Lightness at the Service of Tasting

Benefits of Session IPA

Session IPA offers several advantages for a refreshing tasting session:

  • Low alcohol content: Allows you to enjoy several beers without the effects of alcohol.

  • Balanced bitterness: Less intense than classic IPAs, it remains refreshing and pleasant over a long period.

  • Preserved aromas: Despite its lightness, the Session IPA retains the hoppy aromatic notes, offering a rich taste experience.

The Silly Session IPA: An Ideal Choice

The Silly Session IPA from Brasserie de Silly is a perfect example of a balanced and tasty Session IPA. With an alcohol content of 4.2%, it is ideal for  a refreshing tasting. Its tropical fruit and citrus aromas, combined with moderate bitterness, make it a refreshing and accessible beer.

Comparison: Silly Session IPA vs Green Killer IPA

Taste Profile

  • Silly Session IPA: Light, with citrus fruit notes and a gentle bitterness.

  • Green Killer IPA: More robust, with pronounced bitterness and aromas of yellow fruit and resin.

Tasting Occasions

  • Silly Session IPA: Perfect for a refreshing tasting session, a barbecue with friends, or a relaxing evening.

  • Green Killer IPA: Ideal to accompany a spicy meal or for lovers of intense beers.


silly session ipa


The Session IPA, with its lightness and balance between bitterness and aromas, is the perfect choice for a refreshing tasting session. The Silly Session IPA from Brasserie de Silly stands out for its refreshing taste profile and low alcohol content, making it ideal for moderation-free enjoyment.

Whether you’re a fan of light beers or looking for a less alcoholic alternative, the Silly Session IPA will win you over with its quality and character.

Discover the richness of Brasserie de Silly’s beers and let yourself be tempted by a tasting of the Silly Session IPA and Green Killer IPA to fully appreciate the diversity of IPAs.