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of Brasserie de Silly

Quality: a quest that never ends for Silly

Maintaining quality standards is a top priority for Brasserie de Silly. We want quality everywhere – in the way our beers look, their pleasant scent and subtle taste. This excellence in the final product is the result of solid quality management at every production stage, from the choice of raw ingredients to the way we clean our equipment, filter the water, and brew and package our beers.
Of course, quality control is a requirement and a legal obligation for all businesses operating in the food and drink industry. And keeping a close watch on quality allows us to guarantee that the quality of our beers remains high and consistent, as our consumers expect.
Each and every beer recipe is designed and examined with extreme attention to detail, with a special focus on the raw materials and the quantities used. There are also strict rules governing packaging in the brewing industry.
When Guillaume Legrain joined the brewery as master brewer and quality manager in 2014, a range of new measures were introduced in consultation with our employees. All the company’s procedures, technical documentation and follow-up are now fully registered and are regularly updated. Even the lay-out of the production floor was rearranged to promote the integrity of the product and improve the working environment for the teams as the whole production process was enhanced.
This work never ends; there is always room for improvement. And by always striving to make things better we can be sure we produce a safe product of consistent quality that our clients love. Whatever processes we might employ it is the loyal supporters of Brasserie de Silly who provide the ultimate recognition of our quality standards when they enjoy our beers and tell their friends how much they love them.