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Silly Pils


Bottom fermented beer, pils type.

First and foremost you notice the malt in this beer. This taste is followed by subtle impressions of hop bitters that do not overstay their welcome and never veer toward tartness. A pils beer with an amazing taste that makes for a splendid thirst-quencher.rant.

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COLOUR: Clear Beer

STRENGTH: 5 % alcohol by volume



SUGGESTION: Best served between 3 °C and 6 °C (37 to 42 °F).


    • Best Beer of Wallonia – Best Pils Beer 2014

INGREDIENTS: Water, Pale Malt, Yeast, Saaz and Hallertau Hops.

SIZES: Silly Pils is available in bottles (25 cl) and on tap (20 L, 30 L and 50 L).


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