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Enghien Blonde


enghien blonde brussel beer challengeTop-fermented beer, regional beer type.

The aroma and taste of this beer compose a successful symphony, conducted with care but not in an overstrict manner. The initial taste gives an impression of bitterness that never becomes overpowering, balanced by, where necessary, a round mildness in the centre and at the finish. The quality hops and the pure malt work together to deliver a harmonious recital.


COLOUR: Blond Beer

STRENGTH: 7,5 % alcohol by volume



SUGGESTION: Best served between 5 °C and 8 °C (41 to 46 °F).

INGREDIENTS: Water, Pale Malt, Yeast, Kent and Hallertau Hops.

SIZES: Enghien Blonde is available in bottles (33 cl, 75 cl, 1.5 L) and on tap (20 L).


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