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Boneless chicken leg stuffed with duxelles of mushrooms and mimolette

for 8 persons

Recipe of Laurent Devos and his students of the Haute Ecole Lucia de Brouckère with Saison de Silly. To be served with Saison de Silly from 4 to 9°C.


8 chicken thighs
Pork strainer
25 cl of Silly Season
250 gr of young mimolette in cube
Old Mimolette
1kg of button mushroom
2 zucchinis
2 white turnips
3 carrots
2 yellow turnips
Fresh herbs (Chives, Basil, Parsley)
2 kg of Bintje potatoes – 500gr of flour
400 grams of water
300 gr of butter
12/16 eggs – Cream
Salt and pepper


1 / Bone the chicken thighs along the bone to the middle of the drumstick and cut the bone. Collect some chicken trimmings to make a juice that you let reduce on the corner of the stove.

2 / Cut the zucchini, carrots and turnips into brunoise and blanch for 4min. (the vegetables should remain crispy).

3 / Make a duxelles with the button mushrooms.

4 / Melt the mimolette with cream and incorporate it into the duxelles.

5 / Stuff the thighs with the duxelles and mimolette mixture and close the thigh with the pork strainer.
Brown the thighs in a frying pan and finish cooking them in an oven previously heated to 145°c for 30-40 min.

6 / Make a choux pastry with the water, butter, flour and eggs.

7 / Make a purée with the bintjes in which you will add the choux pastry.
Season and add the herbs.

8 / Make beautiful dumplings with the dolphins and plunge them into a deep fryer at 180°c.

9 / When ready, add the Saison de Silly in your reduced juice and fry the vegetable brunoise with butter.
Bring some old mimolette on the plate for decoration.