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of Brasserie de Silly

Our passion: to let you discover a world of tastes

At Brasserie de Silly, we are passionate about brewing. It forms part of our DNA. We want you to discover our tasty beers at a get-together with friends, when you pop into a café or a brasserie or just simply when spending time with your family. This is why we produce a wide range of beers, from the Abbaye de Forest all the way to the Green Killer by way of our Enghien range. Our beers, with their very different aromas and tastes, go with dishes that are equally diverse. Our website includes a Food Pairing page where you will find recipes that suit our various beers particularly well. There are nineteen different recipes and more will be added soon. If your business also serves food, do not hesitate to get in touch. We’ll show you how our beers can make a perfect complement to your dishes. We’d like to share our passion so you can enjoy offering your guests a unique world of aromas and tastes.

Lionel Van der Haegen, Managing Director and Editor