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of Brasserie de Silly

Le Brassilly, Bistronomy and Beer Pairing in Bassilly

The highly talented Thierry Lombaux and Ophélie Bombois are running the newly renovated Le Brassilly. Their favourite beers? Green Killer and Silly Rouge. What do they like the most about Brasserie de Silly? The convivial atmosphere and the team that is always on hand. The concept of Le Brassilly is ‘bistronomy’. A sophisticated brasserie kitchen with fresh quality products, in tune with the seasons. A number of dishes are made with beers from Brassserie de Silly, including carbonnades flamandes, the famous Flemish beef stew. In terms of beer pairing, Le Brassily serves their giant hamburgers with a Silly Pils on the side. Currently on the menu: medium-fried red tuna with roast Mediterranean vegetables. Enjoy it with a Blanche de Silly. Le Brassilly offers a large room that seats 34 and, on the first floor, a space for conferences and events large enough for 50 guests. In the summer you can enjoy the pleasant terrace at the rear of the restaurant.

Le Brassilly, open daily from 10:30.

Place de Bassilly 17

7830 Bassilly