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Gift idea: Pink Killer set

Summer is on its way. Temperatures are rising and so is the demand for refreshing beers, our Pink Killer for prime example. This fruity thirst-quencher is sweet but never boring. Our Pink Killer is brewed with malt, wheat and, of course, concentrate of grapefruit, which lends this Killer its soft pink colour as well as its slightly bitter taste, typical for this citrus fruit. The label is striking and has its own story. Read and enjoy.

One fine day, the Silly brewers developed a recipe based on white beer and grapefruit juice. The beer was an immediate hit with connoisseurs. The competition planned to break into the brewery overnight to discover the secret recipe that made this beer such a success. But Marquis, the brewery’s watchdog, stood his ground. He bared his ferocious teeth and chased away the would-be burglars. Our Pink Killer reminds us of his heroic feat. And the secret has remained safe ever since. Marquis now takes pride of place on the label. The Pink Killer gift set comes with four 25cl bottles and a tasting glass. An original present that will be warmly received at a barbecue with friends this summer, or to bring along to a party or a birthday celebration. After all, original gifts are not easy to find. Put the spotlight on the Pink Killer gift box, on the bar of your cafĂ© for example or stack up a few boxes in your shop window. A real eye-catcher that will set the tills ringing.