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of Brasserie de Silly

At Au Vieux Marché Café Michaël follows in the footsteps of his ancestors

Managing a café is a Vanderkelen family tradition that has passed from father to son.

“My great-great-grandfather, born in 1833, was in charge of the Rembrandt café,” says Michaël Vanderkelen. “He ran the place in his own unique way: one half of the building was a café, the other half was a bike workshop.”

The family business has changed name twice over the years. Michaël’s great-grandfather inherited the Café des Sports, by 1991 his grandson Serge – after a career as a sales representative – was taking over the Au Vieux Marché. Serge knew his customers through and through, calling everyone by their first name and making everybody feel at home in his café. He and Michaël can often be found together behind the bar at busy times in the café that passed to Michaël in 2007.

The Au Vieux Marché is a well-known venue in Enghien, its walls plastered with pictures from its history. Michaël’s favourite is the one at the back, showing him, as a child, on a mini electric Harley Davidson at his grandfather’s place. These days he sits astride the full-size Harleys he collects.

The regulars at Au Vieux Marché all love their Silly beers. Michaël has a soft spot for Abbaye de Forest. And if you fancy a local speciality we recommend a Picon Enghien with white wine.

Au Vieux Marché is a cosy café that seats 30 and, when the weather is fine, another 12 on the outdoor terrace.

Michaël is an enthusiastic café owner with lots of drive. He loves being with his customers, most of whom soon turn into good friends.

Au Vieux Marché. Rue de Bruxelles, 86. 7850 Enghien.