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of Brasserie de Silly

3 medals for the Brasserie de Silly

The Brasserie de Silly won 3 prizes at the European Beer Challenge 2020. A double gold medal for the Abbaye de Forest. A gold medal for the Silly Bio. And a silver medal for the Silly Season.

European Beer Challenge 2020

Europe represents a production of 400 million liters of beer per year. There are 10,000 breweries, a figure that is growing, especially with the arrival of many micro-breweries. It is therefore not easy to stand out in such a market. And yet, this is what the family Brewery of Silly did by winning 3 medals at the European Beer Challenge 2020 edition. This one is managed by the largest organization of beer and spirits competitions in the world, which includes the China Wine & Spirits Awards (CWSA), the Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards (WWSA) and the Asian Beer Challenge. The jury for the European Beer challenge is made up of the best beer buyers in Europe – decisionmakers active in Mass Retail, importers and wholesalers. The members of the jury carefully evaluate the candidate beers through a blind tasting. The evaluation process takes into account all elements of each beer, including appearance, flavor type, aroma and structure. The impartial and professional approach of the jury ensures that each beer is tasted objectively and has the potential to compete with the world’s leading beer brands. The Silly family brewery is very proud to have received these distinctions. It is exciting to compete against the best brewers from all over the world. These distinctions encourage the Brasserie de Silly teams to continue their commitment to increase quality at all levels: quality of raw materials, brewing, packaging, delivery and customer service.

The Medals


12 medals for the Brasserie de Silly in 2019 and 2020

Brasserie de Silly won 2 medals at the Brussels Beer Challenge at the end of 2019: a gold medal for the Silly Saison and a silver medal for the Scotch Pinot Noir Barrel Aged. She won 7 awards at the Asia Beer Challenge 2020. Three double gold medals: Enghien d’Hiver, Silly Scotch, Silly Saison. Three gold medals: Triple Swaf, Pink Killer, Silly Kriek. And a silver medal for the Silly Blanche. And also 3 prizes at the European Beer Challenge 2020. Double gold medals for the Abbaye de Forest. Gold medal for Silly Bio. And a silver medal for the Silly Season. A great recognition that comes at the right time in a very difficult year 2020 for the Brasserie de Silly, faced with two periods of confinement and closure of the Horeca.

Brasserie de Silly today: A world of tastes

The Brasserie de Silly is a family brewery located in Belgium near Brussels. She brews 17 quality Belgian beers. The brewing of beer is an artisanal know-how that has been passed on since 1850 and 6 generations. Each beer is brewed in the artisan way using the very best ingredients: pure water, a unique yeast (the secret of which is only known to the master brewer), the best hops we can find and top-quality malt.