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Winter is just around the corner so now is the time for heart-warming beers

Winter beers and Christmas beers are selling well towards the end of the year. Enghien Noël is a top-fermented beer of the triple type, in other words, it has re-fermented in the bottle. It has a refreshing and warming taste all at the same time, with a lovely bitterness. From the first draught onwards, the palate is covered completely. This beer engenders a stimulating, lively feeling with impressions of vanilla and pepper. The Scotch is a typical winter beer, too. This top-fermented beer deserves to be ranked in the ‘exceptional’ category. It is the fruit of years of expertise acquired by the brewers throughout the years. The coppery-red beer is covered with a beige head of froth. Its complex aromas bring to mind raisin brioche, candied fruit and fresh raspberry. This full-mouthed, generous beer with touches of liqueur releases aromas of honey and caramel with, in the finish, plums and roast malt. It is a beer that turns out to be surprisingly refreshing.
The winter season is not far away. Don’t run out of time and order these beers well in advance.