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‘Warm’ winter beers to chase the cold away

Some beers are just right for cooling down on a hot summer day, and others are made for the winter.

Enghien Noël, Double Enghien Brune, La Divine and Silly Scotch all spring to mind when the weather is cold and you’d like some warming aromas and tastes. From the first sip, Enghien Noël floods the taste buds and the palate with energising impressions of vanilla with a hint of pepper.

Double Enghien Brune rewards the drinker with sensations of caramel and slight impressions of fruit for a lovely bitterness that is paired with a dry finish.

La Divine will amaze you with velvety soft aromas and pleasing hop and wood flavours. The finish stands out with its delicate bitterness as well as smoky touches and the presence of alcohol.

The complex aromas of Scotch Silly remind of brioche with raisins alongside candied fruits and fresh raspberries. This generous and full-mouthed beer is almost liqueur-like in character with tastes of honey and caramel. Warming impressions of prunes and roasted malts inform the finish.

If your customers want to warm their body, their spirit or their heart this winter then make sure they try one of these four generous beers.