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The News

of Brasserie de Silly

Time to celebrate!

We held our brewery festival on Saturday 13th October and, just like the 2017 edition, it was a great success. Silly Day 2018 was staged in close co-operation with the local council as well as the Silly Tourist Office. We celebrated the 100th anniversary of Silly Scotch and paid homage to a British soldier, Sergeant Jack Payne, who brewed this beer at the request of his regiment. The festival drew large crowds, the sun smiled on us and a great time was had by all. There was plenty of entertainment for all and sundry; brewery visits, kids’ games, face painting, a book signing with L.M. Carpentier (the author of the Poje comics), a brass band, a Slow Food stand, local crafts, roast pork served with a sauce of Silly Scotch, an exhibition on the life of Jack Payne, a toast to Payne’s English family and our Silly beers were enjoyed to the full. The festival also provided us with an opportunity to catch up with our business clients: from café managers, drinks store owners, importers, distributors to event organisers. Everyone was full of praise for the warm welcome and the high quality of our beers on tap. Are you coming back next year? We are already looking forward to seeing you again.