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of Brasserie de Silly

The main season kicks off soon with the big thirst-quenchers

Silly beers can be enjoyed all the year around. When the weather really starts heating up, we start looking for beers that are refreshing and quench our thirst. Silly’s Pils and Bio Pils are real thirst-quenchers, with a well-dosed bitterness coming from the Saaz and Hallertau hops. The Green Killer, an IPA, is hoppier and is the ideal beer if you are looking for intense refreshment.
Fruit beers tend to be very popular in the summer months too. The Pink Killer is made with pink grapefruit which accounts for its slight bitterness. The Silly Rouge, a dark cherry beer, comes with a slightly sour touch from the cherry stones. The Blanche de Silly is also a hot weather beer. It makes for an ideal thirst-quencher thanks to the coriander. You will also detect fresh, citrusy touches from the dried orange peel.

Sour beers of the gueuze type are real thirst-quenchers as well. The new
Silly Sour is a complex, pleasantly fruity and slightly sour beer, perfect for the summer months. And, last but not least, don’t forget our Saison. This beer was originally produced to slake the thirst of the seasonal workers in the fields during the summer. It is a light beer with a pleasantly refreshing taste.

Summer is only just around the corner. Make sure you stock up now on these refreshing beers. We look forward to receiving your order.