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of Brasserie de Silly

The ideal present: 4 x 33cl Silly Scotch gift set

Silly Scotch has just celebrated its first centenary. This beer first flowed out of the brewery’s tanks at the end of the First World War after brewery owner Adelin Mynbrughen met British sergeant Jack Payne (who was then only 20 years old). Jack was in search of a beer for his regiment that was stationed in Silly at the time. Thanks to the efforts of Jack Payne, Silly Scotch was first brewed in October 1918. Silly Scotch is a unique beer that takes on a lovely coppery-red colour in the glass underneath an abundant, beige-coloured frothy collar. It has a complex bouquet not dissimilar to brioche with raisins, candied fruit and fresh raspberry.
The Silly Scotch gift set comprises four 33cl bottles of Silly Scotch, one glass to match plus a pair of personalised Silly Scotch socks. It makes a great gift for the festive season.