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Tasting Belgian Brown Beer: Dive into the Depth of Caramelized Flavors!

enghien brune

Belgium, renowned for its rich and diverse brewing heritage, offers an impressive array of beers, each with its own personality and history. Among these treasures, Belgian brown beer stands out for its deep and enveloping flavors, notably thanks to caramelized notes that awaken the senses. Contrary to popular belief, the characteristic caramel taste of these beers is not the result of adding sugar or caramel, but rather a meticulous brewing process, where more roasted malts play the leading role. This article invites you to dive into the world of Belgian brown beer and discover the exquisite Enghien Brune, a jewel from the Brasserie de Silly, accessible here: Enghien Brune.

The Enghien range: brewed with love for nearly 50 years in Silly

In 1975, the two brothers Jean-Paul and Didier Van der Haegen, in charge of Brasserie de Silly for 5 years, decided to buy Brasserie Tennstedt Decroes in Enghien. This brewery, founded in 1858, produced the Double Enghien Brune. This beer was very successful. The workers of Enghien used to take the vicinal tramway to work in the coal mines of the Centre region. And Brasserie Tennstedt Decroes was located just a few steps from the terminus.

After the purchase, production was ensured at Brasserie de Silly. In 1986, the Double Enghien Blonde was born. Then, in the early 1990s, a strong blonde beer with 9% alcohol volume was introduced: the Double Enghien Noël. Today, it has been renamed Enghien d’Hiver.

The confraternity of Double Enghien was established in 1984. It regularly organizes chapters and festive activities. The members of the confraternity are tasked with highlighting their beautiful city with its rich historical heritage and promoting the quality of Enghien beers in Wallonia and beyond. Its motto is “In Bono Promptus”: to do what is right and to savor what is good. The Van der Haegen family plays an active role in it. The Enghien range today includes three tasting beers: a blonde, a brune, and a strong blonde for the winter period.

Enghien Blonde is a top-fermented beer with an alcohol volume of 7.5%. It is quite aromatic and bitter, with roundness in the middle and end of the palate. Enghien Brune has an alcohol volume of 8%. A very particular mix of malts gives it a unique aroma. Enghien d’Hiver is a generous beer that helps to cope with the cold of the season. It juggles freshness, warmth, and bitterness. From the first sip, it covers the entire palate where it releases a new invigorating, vanilla, and slightly peppery sensation.

To taste these beers in the best conditions, Brasserie de Silly offers an exclusive glass that resembles a high-end wine glass, suitable for both Bordeaux and Burgundies. You will be surprised by the sensations this glass offers when you taste an Enghien.

The Magic of Roasted Malts: The Origin of Caramelized Notes

The secret of the caramelized nuances of Belgian brown beer lies in the use of specifically roasted malts. This process, similar to the roasting of coffee, involves heating the malted barley grains to high temperatures. This crucial step determines the color, aroma, and flavor of the beer. During roasting, the natural sugars in the malt caramelize, giving the beer its sweet and deep notes, without the need to artificially add sugar or caramel.

Enghien Brune: A Masterpiece from Brasserie de Silly

Among Belgian brown beers, Enghien Brune stands out for its character and exceptional quality. Produced with passion by Brasserie de Silly, an institution with a brewing history that spans several generations, this beer is the result of unique expertise and a rigorous selection of the best ingredients. Enghien Brune captivates with its elegant dark robe and fine bubbles, promising a rich and complex taste experience.

Tasting Profile of Enghien Brune

  • Visual: Dark robe, ruby highlights, creamy and persistent foam.
  • Nose: Aromas of roasted malts, nuances of coffee, dark chocolate, and of course, caramel.
  • Palate: Rich and balanced flavors, sweetness of caramel mixed with a slight bitterness, long and satisfying finish.

Each sip of Enghien Brune reveals the complexity of its flavors and the harmony between sweetness and character. It is an invitation to savor time and celebrate Belgian brewing traditions.

The Art of Tasting: How to Fully Appreciate Your Enghien Brune

To fully enjoy the experience offered by Enghien Brune, some tasting tips are in order:

  • Serving Temperature: Serve your Enghien Brune slightly chilled, around 8-12°C, to fully release its aromas.
  • Choice of Glass: Opt for a tulip glass or chalice, which will concentrate the aromas and support the foam.
  • Beer service: Pour gently, tilting the glass, to create rich foam and aerate the beer, thereby releasing its subtle aromatic nuances.
  • Observation: Admire the color, clarity, and consistency of the foam. Every visual detail prepares you for the taste experience.
  • Olfaction: Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Identify the different aromas. The roasted malt, caramel, perhaps notes of dried fruits or coffee?
  • Tasting: Finally, take a small sip. Let the beer cover your palate, taste the richness of flavors. The interplay between caramelized sweetness and balanced bitterness is to be savored slowly.

Why Choose Enghien Brune?

Enghien Brune is not just a beer, it’s an experience. Choosing Enghien Brune means choosing:

  • Authentic Expertise: Brasserie de Silly continues a family heritage, combining traditional methods and innovations to create exceptional beers.
  • Exceptional Quality: Every ingredient is carefully selected, each step of the process is meticulously monitored to ensure a beer that respects and transcends quality standards.
  • A Unique Flavor: Enghien Brune offers a complex and harmonious palette of flavors, a true celebration of the senses.

By tasting Enghien Brune, you’re not just drinking a beer, you’re diving into a story, that of a Belgian family brewery devoted to the art of brewing, a story of passion, tradition, and excellence.


Belgian brown beer, with its caramelized nuances and rich aromatic richness, represents a unique facet of Belgian brewing heritage. Enghien Brune, in particular, embodies the excellence of this style. It is an invitation to discover the complexity and depth of flavors that only true craftsmanship can create. Each sip tells a story, that of carefully roasted malts and a know-how passed down from generation to generation. Tasting Enghien Brune is to honor tradition, celebrate the present, and anticipate the pleasures to come. Dive into the depth of caramelized flavors, and let Enghien Brune take you on an unforgettable sensory journey.