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Summer is coming: the thirsty season of barbecues

A wide range of Brasserie de Silly beers are made with summer drinking in mind.
Silly Pils and Bio Pils – our organic beer – are really quaffable thirst quenchers thanks to the Saaz and Hallertau hops used in their brewing. Green Killer IPA is hoppier still with a lovely bitterness that delivers an intense refreshment.
Fruit beers are naturals for the summer months. Pink Killer, brewed with pink grapefruit, has a touch of bitterness that makes it even more refreshing. Silly Kriek, a draught-only beer, has the delicate hint of sourness from the stones of the krieken cherries that go into its brewing.
When it’s really hot, we recommend our Blanche de Silly white beer. Coriander helps to turn it into a great thirst-quencher and orange peel adds a citrus zing.
Sour beers of the gueuze type also excel at quenching your thirst. Silly Sour is a complex, fruity and pleasantly sour beer that goes down beautifully when the sun is out. The light Silly Saison is very refreshing. And Triple Swaf delivers surprising aromas of herbs followed by a subtle bitterness that really chills.
Summer is just round the corner. Make sure to stock up on our beers. Place your order today.