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of Brasserie de Silly

Silly: This brewery wants Belgian beers to rank amongst the best in the world

Beers brewed abroad; American beers in particular, have made inroads at several recent beer contests held around the world. Nevertheless, Belgium remains a global beer reference. Belgian beer is popular in the USA to such an extent that over 600 American beers carry the “Belgian Style” label. Besides these, there are numerous other beers in the USA, produced by well over 4,000 breweries, many of them microbreweries. A brewery opens up every day. All this means that Belgian brewers cannot be allowed to rest on their laurels. At Brasserie de Silly we feel very strongly that Belgian beer has to be a world reference. Here, each and every beer is brewed in the artisan way with the very best ingredients: pure water, unique yeasts whose secrets are only known to the master brewer, prime hop varieties and top quality malt. Our brewery is growing but to increase our output, whatever it takes, is not part of our agenda. We strive for quality and will do our very best to ensure that Belgian beers continue to rank amongst the best in the world.

Lionel Van der Haegen, Managing Director