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of Brasserie de Silly

Ramdam Festival and Brasserie de Silly, the perfect combination

 The 9th edition of the Tournai (Doornik) RAMDAM Festival (between 10 and 22 January 2019) met with great success once again. The programme included quality films and documentaries that had been nominated for or honoured with an award at large international cinema festivals. The guest list included film stars and other important guests, which contributed to the unique atmosphere.  For many years Brasserie de Silly has been a loyal partner of this film festival in the city with the world-famous cathedral.  30,000 people flocked to the Imagix cinema complex to experience it all. Triple Swaf, Abbaye de Forest and Silly Bio pils flowed out of the taps for the entire two-week duration. If you were unable to make the occasion, you can already taste our beers in the brand new, splendid “Au Magritte” brasserie lounge or … join us for the next instalment that will be held from 16 to 26 January 2020. This anniversary edition will celebrate 10 years of the film festival with quite a few surprises on the agenda. You’ll probably recognise Bnoît Poelvoorde in the picture below. So far, he has put in an appearance at every single edition of the RAMDAM Festival and as you can see, he is keen on a Triple Swaf.