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Silly Bio


european beer challenge goldBottom fermented beer, organic pils type.

Silly Bio is milder than Silly Pils. This thirst-quencher has a malty taste that is followed by touches of bitter hops that don’t linger overlong and do not descend into tartness.

A light pils beer with an amazing taste.

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COLOUR: Clear Beer

STRENGTH: 5 % alcohol by volume



SUGGESTION: Best served between 3 °C and 6 °C (37 to 42 °F).


    • European Beer Challenge – Gold 2020

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Malt, Yeast, Organic Hop.

SIZES: Silly Bio is available in bottles (25 cl), cans (33 cl) and on tap (20 L, 30 L and 50 L).


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