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New: The Silly Bio, now in can format!

silly bio photo

Silly Bio is a soft beer. After a very thirst-quenching mouthfeel, it leaves a dense malty taste in the aftertaste that reminds its initial lightness.

It is very appreciated and has a growing success with consumers who are more and more sensitive to organic products. This is why it is now also available in cans.

Here are its advantages:

  • Easy to take away and no risk of breakage
  • Becomes fresh more quickly : the beer can needs less time than a bottle to be perfectly fresh. The Silly bio is served between 3°C and 6°C
  • 100% hermetic and 100% opaque to better preserve the aromas and taste properties.
  • Energy saving and 100% recyclable: the aluminum beer can requires less energy to manufacture than the glass bottle. Its recycling is fast and easy. The label is a plastic film that can be removed during recycling. And since the can is much lighter than glass, we can transport more beers by truck and thus limit travel.

The cans of Silly Bio are available in 33 cl, and sold by 24 units (6 clips of 4 beers).