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of Brasserie de Silly

New filling machine at Brasserie de Silly in February 2018

Brasserie de Silly continues to invest in production infrastructure.

On the advice of brewery consultant, Jacques Fourneaux, and Julien Matot of Sense Engineering, we have decided to purchase a new stainless steel filling machine that weighs in at 10 tonnes. This monster represents an investment of almost €1 million.

It will come into operation in February 2018, when it will start to fill all of our bottles.

The choice of a machine from Italian manufacturer GAI was made only after carrying out a project study and market research. This investment will help us to improve the filling process, and to increase the filling rate from 5,000 to 10,000 bottles-per-hour. The new machine will also contribute to higher quality and production stability.

Installing and testing the new machine will take around three weeks. But don’t worry, there will be no disruption to supply with enough stock produced in advance to bridge this production gap.