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New challenges in 2023

brasserie silly

The profession of brewer is exciting, but demanding and complex. Of course, we have to brew quality beers and offer high-level customer service to stay in the market. A market that seems to be struggling this first quarter of 2023 due to the declining purchasing power of consumers in Belgium and abroad. But in addition, we operate in an industrial business and we must continue our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. Thus, we have equipped ourselves with a wastewater treatment system to discharge neutral for natur water. The recovered sludge can be used in biomass and can be used as fertilizer. Since July 2022, we have recovered 80 to 90% of used yeasts. These are involved in the production of bio-ethanol. Of course, we treat our waste in such a way as to optimize its recycling. We insulate the steam piping network to save energy. It is a big project, because there are about 5000 meters of pipes (5 km!). And we plan to double the number of solar panels on our roofs. These are important but necessary investments in our transitioning economy. We meet these challenges with the help of our teams. And all this is possible thanks to the loyalty of our customers. Thank you.

Lionel et Bertrand Van der Haegen, Managing Director