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of Brasserie de Silly

La Divine, the divinely strong amber beer

In 1990 Jean-Paul Van der Haegen compiled the recipe for La Divine. Jean-Paul trained as a brewing engineer in Ghent. He is the father of Bertrand, one of the two owners of the brewery. The beer was created at the request of a beer merchant from Liège. It was he who suggested the name and also urged the brewer to produce a strong beer. You may know that alcohol slows down the working of the yeast and thus they had to find a yeast that could cope with alcohol. La Divine was developed on the basis of Double Enghien Blonde. It was given longer to ferment which makes La Divine a perfect beer for aging. It is a top-fermented amber beer of the triple type. La Divine goes down a treat thanks to the mild aroma, velvety mouth feel and hoppy taste with an undercurrent of wood. The finish has a subtle and light bitter with impressions of smoke and a warm alcohol glow. In short, a truly divine beer.