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High fermentation: at the heart of tradition and innovation in Belgian beers

fermentation haute

Belgium is famous for its brewing expertise, a reputation firmly rooted in its mastery of high fermentation. This traditional method is at the heart of the complexity, structure, and unique aromas that characterize Belgian beers. Brasserie de Silly, with its family heritage dating back to 1850, perfectly embodies this tradition, while bringing a touch of innovation through the use of unique yeasts passed down from generation to generation. This article highlights the true essence of high fermentation and the central role it plays in creating the exceptional beers of Brasserie de Silly.

High fermentation: a tradition of complexity and freshness

High fermentation is distinguished by its high-temperature process, between 15°C and 24°C, allowing yeasts to produce a wide range of flavors and aromas. Contrary to popular belief, not all beers produced by this method are necessarily light; they are characterized instead by their freshness, aromatic complexity, and structure. The specific yeasts of Brasserie de Silly, a precious family heritage since the mid-19th century, are the secret behind the unique taste and richness of the beers produced.

Innovation through the unique yeasts of Brasserie de Silly

Yeasts play a crucial role in defining the character of each beer. At Brasserie de Silly, these yeasts, a family treasure, add an extra dimension to their beers. They not only produce a range of distinct flavors and aromas but also offer a tasting experience that reflects both tradition and innovation. This feature could easily be the subject of a dedicated article, so central is it to the creation of Silly’s unique beers.

Beyond lightness: the complexity and structure of high fermentation beers

It is essential to recognize that high fermentation at Silly is not aimed solely at producing light beers. Beers such as Silly Saison, Silly Scotch, Silly Blanche, and Silly La Divine, among others, illustrate the diversity and richness that this method can bring. These beers, all resulting from high fermentation except for Silly Pils and Silly Bio, are marked by a complexity that gives them body and an exclusive character, while remaining accessible and affordable for everyone.

Conclusion: celebrating high fermentation at Brasserie de Silly

High fermentation is much more than just a brewing technique for Brasserie de Silly; it is a living tradition that defines the soul of their beers. Thanks to the use of unique yeasts and an approach that favors complexity and freshness, Brasserie de Silly creates beers that are both a tribute to their rich heritage and an invitation to explore new taste horizons. By choosing a beer from Brasserie de Silly, you embrace a centuries-old Belgian tradition, while discovering the unique flavors brought by centuries of know-how and innovation.