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Green Killer: an IPA to savour

Green Killer is an India Pale Ale (IPA): a top-fermented beer of English origin. IPAs were developed in the 18th century for the export market, primarily to keep the English troops in the former colony of India supplied with beer. IPAs have a richer alcohol and hop content than other ales. Hop acts as a preserving agent and by adding a higher quantity, the brewers managed to make the beer last longer during the voyage overseas, which would take months. At the end of the 1980’s American brewers, particularly those from California, set their sights on this beer style and breathed new life into IPAs. A modern IPA is usually a blonde beer that is slightly more bitter, aromatic and fruity compared to your standard blonde, thanks to its hop profile (Green Killer is brewed with a range of hops). There are some exotic hop varieties with impressions of grapefruit and tropical fruits. In short, Green Killer is a well-balanced IPA with just enough bitterness. It is a pleasant degustation beer that goes down well. Recommended for fine spring and summer days and a great thirst-quencher to boot.

Green Killer


Colour: blonde

Density: 6.5% alc. vol.

Ingredients: water, pale malt, sugar, yeast, Kent, Hallertau, Columbus, Cascade, Ahtanum and Styrian hops

Serving temperature: between 5°C and 8°C

Available in 33cl bottles and on draught (20 l)