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of Brasserie de Silly

Good times are on the menu at Le Coq Wallon in Zinnik

For over thirty years Lorenzo Belfiore has stood behind the bar at Le Coq Wallon. He has been the manager of this café in Zinnik (Soignies) since 1986. It is centrally located at Place Verte, right opposite the town hall. You could call him the ‘elderly statesman’ amongst all of those who manage the Brasserie de Silly cafés. Lorenzo vividly remembers his very first customers. When he took over Le Coq Wallon, on the day of the popular Simpélourd festival, José Van der Haegen – the grandfather of current brewery owners Bertrand and Lionel – put in an appearance. However, the roots of Le Coq Wallon go back even further. It has been run as a family business since the 1950s. First of all the sister of Lorenzo’s mother-in-law was in charge, then his mother-in-law herself took over the reins. Italian-born Lorenzo was already a connoisseur of Italian wines when José Van der Haegen introduced him to the beers of Brasserie de Silly. Lorenzo loved them from the very start and nowadays, he is a keen ambassador for the Silly beers. He has been known to indulge in a Silly Scotch, his personal favourite. If you happen to be in Zinnik, pop in to meet Lorenzo. Good times are guaranteed at Le Coq Wallon.

Le Coq Wallon Place Verte, 8 7060 Soignies