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of Brasserie de Silly

Gain a BSB beer serving qualification with Brasserie de Silly

Only Belgium could have an organization like the BSB, the Office Belge Du Service De La Biere, or the Belgische dienst voor de Serveerkunst van het Bier in Dutch. This industry body promotes the best practice in presenting the country’s beloved national drink.
In February the BSB were at Brasserie de Silly for a Serving Beer course for café managers from our network of bars, who came along to learn the fine art of pouring the perfect glass every time. This emphasis on quality runs through the whole Brasserie de Silly process, from the production of the raw materials to the perfectly presented drink in your local café.
The brewery’s employment contracts now incorporate the new Code of Conduct championed by Willy Borsus, the Belgian Federal Government Minister of Agriculture. This code requires managers in the hospitality, restaurant and catering sector (called horeca in Belgium) to hold a number of professional qualifications, from hygiene to serving beer.
The scheme is reported to be working. Research shows that hotels, cafés and restaurants where beer is served correctly get a higher turnover, as much as 20% higher, from beer sales.
We plan to hold several beer serving courses. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.