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of Brasserie de Silly

Franco: expert in filtration and packaging

Francesco Cincinnato (everyone calls him Franco), has spent the last 29 years working for Brasserie de Silly. These few words are not enough to pay tribute to all Franco’s achievements in his many years in the job, or to sum up the stories he can tell or the people he has met.

He was hired by ‘Monsieur José’ (the late José Van der Haegen) and has since worked under three generations of brewers, learning everything he needed to know on the job. Even today Franco’s vast store of experience is indispensable to our brewing process. In his latest role, Franco is responsible for filtration and packaging. At work, his guiding principle is: ‘order and cleanliness’, you need both in this job, with one leading to the other.

Franco can look back on his time with Brasserie de Silly with justified pride. He has seen the brewery grow and become more professional as the industry has changed – it’s not the same brewery that he started at all these years ago.

After a career spent steeped in Brasserie de Silly, what is Franco’s favourite beer? Silly Scotch.

Cousaert Alexandre, Sales Manager