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of Brasserie de Silly

Cod wrapped in bacon (serves two)

A recipe with Silly Blanche


Fresh coriander

2 cod steaks, about 400g in total

8 slices of bacon

Grain mustard

100ml cream

1 bottle of Silly Blanche

2 shallots

300g sweet potatoes

Young, tender spinach leaves

Bean sprouts

Asian vinaigrette (soy sauce and rice vinegar)

Pepper and salt

Egg yolk



1 – Season the cod fillets with pepper and salt on both sides and spread the grain mustard on top of each slice. Wrap the fish in the bacon and set aside while you,

2 – Cook the sweet potatoes in a bain-marie for 30 minutes. Make the cooked sweet potatoes into a puree with a dash of cream and salt and pepper to taste.

3 – For the salad: mix the spinach leaves with the bean sprouts, dress with the Asian vinaigrette and add the shallots.

4 – Quickly pan-fry the cod until browned on each side and then cook in an oven dish for 8 minutes at 100°C.

5 – To prepare the savoury custard or sabayon, blend the egg yolk with little Blanche de Silly, add the cream and use the mixer to achieve a smooth emulsion.

6 – Arrange the salad on a plate, followed by quenelles of sweet potato puree and the fish. Finish with the sauce and a little fresh coriander.

Recipe by Ludovic Vifquin of the Tatie Danielle restaurant in Tournai.

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