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of Brasserie de Silly

Café 1030, a hidden gem in Schaarbeek

Café 1030 is the tale of two brothers who wanted to start a bar … but not just any bar and not just anywhere. They were looking for an oasis in the centre of the city, a place where you feel at home straight away and the where the fridge is always filled with lovely local produce and other fine foods. A place to meet friends or colleagues, a place to relax but also to work in a contemporary yet welcoming setting. The brothers have lived in Schaarbeek for ten years now and have seen the area take on a new lease of life. They have always taken a keen interest in the history of this neighbourhood, so it really was out of the question to start up their business anywhere else. They searched far and wide before coming across a beautiful building with ceilings that were four metres high and framed by decorative mouldings. They were right on target. The bar of Café 1030 is always crowded, ever since the café first opened its doors back in 2016. Owners Guillaume and Maxime serve Silly Bio from the tap and Silly Blanche, Triple Swaf and La Divine are available in bottles. The brothers are particularly fond of Silly Scotch. In Café 1030 there’s always something going on; music, comedy, pub games, literary evenings … Discover this splendid establishment on the edge of Josaphat Park in the heart of Schaarbeek, Jan Stobbaertslaan 100.