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of Brasserie de Silly

Brasserie de Silly, from 1975 to 2017

After the 1975 takeover of Brasserie Tennstedt Decroes in Enghien (Edingen), home of Double Enghien beers, Brasserie de Silly continued to launch new brands.

In 1990, brewing engineer Jean-Paul Van der Haegen (a fifth-generation brewer) developed Titje, an exceptionally refreshing white beer flavoured with coriander and orange peel. Titje scooped several international awards: Australian International Beer – Silver Award 2009, and silvers in 2012 and 2017 at the Sochi Beer Festival in Russia. These days Titje is officially known as Blanche de Silly.

In 1991 La Divine, a top-fermented tripel with an alcohol volume of 9.5% was introduced. La Divine’s delicately bitter taste, smoky impressions and undercurrent of alcohol stand out.

In 2004 the Pink Killer was born: a fruit beer made from white beer and the juice of pink grapefruit.

Brasserie de Silly has brewed Abbaye de Forest since 2007. It is based on a recipe created by the Benedictine monks who lived in this former Brussels Abbey between the 13th century and the end of the 18th.

Bio Pils was created in 2011 to respond to the increasing demand for organic beers. This pils is the house beer of the annual Esperanzah music festival, an event that promotes sustainable development and international solidarity.

In 2014 Green Killer was added to the range. This IPA (India Pale Ale) has a high hop content and is consequently high in bitterness while retaining its beautiful balance. You’ll recognise the aggressive bulldog that features on its label as well as on Pink Killer bottles.

2015 was the year of Silly Rouge and Silly Sour. Silly Rouge is a dark cherry beer and Silly Sour is a gueuze type beer. Both have cartoon labels that have proved popular with drinkers.

Triple Swaf joined the Silly ranks in 2016. A tripel, with an 8% alcohol by volume rating, Triple Swaf’s spicy aromas and subtle bitterness impress. The simple design and the punning name – ‘three times thirst’ – stick in the memory.

Brasserie de Silly brews a wide range of Belgian beers: 16 in total. The reason why we market such a variety of flavours is that we have a passion for taste.

The company is now managed by the sixth generation of Van der Haegen. Bertrand Van der Haegen, an industrial engineer, has worked for the brewery since 2002 and is now in charge of production. His cousin Lionel, a commercial engineer, also joined the brewery in 2002. He manages national and international sales. The brewery has 22 staff in seven departments: quality, production, packaging, sales, marketing, logistics and administration.

The brewers continue to build a great future for their beers all over the world. We will keep you posted regularly with news of all our different projects.