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The News

of Brasserie de Silly

A new, contemporary, attractive image

Since its birth Brasserie de Silly has strived to produce beers of excellent quality and taste. Now we are also strengthening our image with new labels and glasses that we expect to be popular with our customers.

Our family brewery was founded in 1850 and, over the years, each new beer has been given a label that was right for its time. This has resulted in a wide variety of labels that didn’t clearly show that these beers came from the same family, and doesn’t give our brewery the strong single image it needs in the modern market.

The time for change has come and, in 2015, we started a long creative process in partnership with Ex Nihilo, a highly rated Mons-based design agency who know the beer world inside out.

Ex Nihilo has created eight new labels for us. Which beers have had a face-lift? Abbaye de Forest has a brand new label, and seven more were designed for the Silly range. There are also six new and exclusive glasses.

This is a successful collaborative effort, and both beer ranges now carry a contemporary image that reflects Silly’s tradition and quality. If consumers like a particular beer from our 16-strong range, they are more likely to discover, purchase and try other Brasserie de Silly beers with this newly uniform, recognisable look. And so, we are proud to present the restyling of Silly beers and Abbaye de Forest.