A l’Tonne: A warm welcome with Belgian regional cuisine

In the spring of 2015, Katia Moenens took over ‘A l’Tonne’, an establishment that has now been renovated with the support of Brasserie de Silly. This tavern-brasserie, located on Silly’s market square, has been an institution for dozens of years. Katia’s leitmotiv; a warm welcome in a pleasant environment and a menu replete with Belgian regional dishes including ‘stoemp’ (a rich variety on bubble and squeak), meatballs in a tomato sauce, ‘koninginnenhapjes’ (puff pastry vol-au-vents with a chicken filling) and the legendary ‘karbonade’ or beef stew with Scotch de Silly. The customers go wild for the steak that is fried on one side only. This recipe calls for an Abbaye de Forest. A veritable taste bomb! A l’Tonne uses regional produce where it can; cheeses made by Jo, ice cream from Peter & Lila, meat from the local Silly butchers… There is a lunch menu every Thursday and Friday. We can also recommend the aperitif served when the Sunday market is held in the village. Allow yourself to be seduced by an aperitif platter with marrowbone, calamari and tapas with a refreshing glass of Silly on the side.

A l’Tonne
Place Communale, 19
068/55 17 06

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