Silly Saison

At this time of year you should be drinking Silly Saison, a typical Belgian spring beer.

When, in 1850, our founder, Marcellin Meynsbrughen, set up the Silly brewery at his farm in the middle of the village of Silly, he brewed saison to keep himself busy during the long, dark days of winter. The beer was brewed to be drunk by the seasonal workers who arrived every spring and summer to help Marcellin on the farm, quenching their thirst with Silly Saison while they worked in the fields. It was obviously thirsty work: each and every one of them put away between 5 and 8 litres of Silly Saison every day!

The beer we brew today is still based on Marcellin Meynsbrughen’s original recipe. It is a refreshingly light, mildly hoppy beer with a slight sour touch. It’s ideal after a session of digging in the garden or as a reminder of the real hard labour done by the farm workers of 1850. But we would never advise anyone to consume this beer in 19th century quantities! Enjoy it in moderation and Silly Saison is your perfect companion to spring and summer days when the sun shines. Santé!

Lionel Van der Haegen, Managing Director

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