Tasting packs from Brasserie de Silly
Discover our beers with our handy packs or buy them as a gift.

The HALF METRE from Brasserie de Silly

A wooden casket containing nine bottles of beer: Double Enghien Blonde and Brune (33cl), La Divine (33cl), Silly Pils (25cl), Blanche de Silly (25cl), Saison Silly (25cl), Pink Killer (25cl), Scotch Silly (33cl), Super 64 (25cl).

Silly Pack

Six beer styles in one handy pack: Double Enghien Blonde (33cl), Blanche de Silly (25cl), La Divine (33cl), Saison Silly (25 cl), Scotch Silly (33cl) and Super 64 (25cl).

Abbaye de Forest in a metal gift box

A bottle of Abbaye de Forest (75 cl) in a classy metal gift box.

Pink Killer Pack

A gift box containing four 25cl bottles and a Pink Killer glass.


Gift box with four 33 cl bottles, a Silly Scotch glass and Scottish socks.

Pack with two 75cl bottles with two 20cl tasting glasses

One pack, with a choice of two bottles of Abbaye de Forest, Enghien Blonde, Enghien Brune or Scotch Silly, accompanied by two small Silly tasting glasses.

To know where the packs are available, click here or call us at +32(0)68 25 04 80.