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The Selections

of Brasserie de Silly

The selection
"Strong beers of Silly"

Taste 6 beers of temperament

Tasting beers to dazzle your senses during moments of relaxation. Some strong beers are dark (Enghien brune, Silly Scotch, Silly Rouge), others are blond (Enghien blonde, Triple Swaf). Silly Divine is amber. What a pleasure!

Selection “Strong beers of Silly”

2 x Enghien blonde 2 x Enghien brune, 2 x Silly La Divine, 2 x Silly Scotch, 2 x Silly rouge, 2 x Triple Swaf

The selection
"Blond beers of Silly"

Discover the variety of Silly blond beers.

The universe of Silly blond beers is very varied. You will discover refreshing beers: Silly Pils, Silly Bio. An Abbey beer: Abbaye de Forest. An IPA: the Green Killer. A traditional regional beer: Enghien blonde. As well as a tasting triple: the Triple Swaf.

Selection “Blond beers of Silly”

2 x Forest, 2 x Enghien blonde, 2 x Silly Bio, 2 x Silly Pils, 2 x Triple Swaf, 2 x Green Killer

The selection
"Asia Beer Challenge 2020"

Discover our 7 medal-winning beers in 2020.
A selection to discover the 7 beers from the Brasserie de Silly that have won awards at the most important beer competition in Asia.
Three double gold medals: Enghien d’Hiver, Silly Scotch, Silly Saison. Three gold medals: Triple Swaf, Pink Killer, Silly Kriek. And a silver medal for the Silly Blanche.
Selection “Asia Beer Challenge”
2x Silly Saison, 2x Silly Scotch, 2x Enghien d’Hiver, 2x Triple Swaf, 2x Silly Blanche, 1x Silly Kriek et 1x Pink Killer 

The selection

Grapefruit beers and IPAs

The “Killer” range consists of two beers with a strong character. On one hand, the “Green Killer”, an IPA (India Pale Ale), a top fermentation beer with a strong bitterness. On the other, the “Pink Killer”, a beer brewed with malt, wheat and pink grapefruit.

Selection “Killers”
6x Pink Killer et 6x Green Killer

The selection "Hello Summer"

Particularly refreshing beers
Some beers are particularly refreshing, in all seasons.
Among our 17 beers, discover those that are best suited for big thirsts: Silly Bio, Silly Pils, Silly Blanche, Green Killer, our IPA and 2 fruity beers: Pink Killer with grapefruit and Silly Kriek with cherries.
Selectie “Hello Summer 2020”
2x Silly Bio, 2x Silly Blanche, 2x Green Killer, 2x Pink Killer, 2x Silly Pils et 2x Silly Kriek

Brewer's Pick

Each month, our team offers you its selection of beers to accompany your drinks, meals and evenings.