Fondue au fromage et à la Scotch de Silly

Cheese Fondue

Special recipe with Silly Scotch
Swiss cuisine / Season : throughout the year
Category : Cheese, Main course


Serves 4:
30cl Scotch de Silly
300 g cheddar cheese
100 g stilton cheese (or another blue-veined cheese)
200 g grated Emmental
1 tablespoon cornflour
1 tablespoon milk
Pepper to taste
4 celery stalks
2 crunchy apples
2 firm pears
2 baguette


1 / In a saucepan, heat the beer gently.

2 / Dice the cheddar and stilton and add to the beer. Add the grated Emmental. Melt slowly and stir regularly using a spatula.

3 / Rinse and dry the celery before cutting into pieces. Cut the apples and pears into quarters without peeling them, remove the cores, cut into large chunks.

4 / Slice the baguette.

5 / Mix the cornflour into the milk. Add it to the beer and cheese mixture, stirring the fondue to thicken it. Pour the mixture into a fondue set and place it over its heating element.

6 / Dip the bread, pears, apples and celery into the cheese and beer fondue.

This recipe using Scotch de Silly was created by Nicole Darchambeau.
This dish is an ideal food to pair with this dark beer, with its aromas of spices and caramel and hints of fruit. The beer has amazingly delicate hazelnut aromas, which sets it apart from the traditional British scotch ales. It also has a more rounded taste and a hint of bitterness. Serve Scotch de Silly chilled to between 6 and 9°C.