Ceviche de Thon juste grillé siphon de raita

Ceviche of tuna, with a raita espuma.

Special recipe with La Divine
Cuisine française / Season : throughout the year
Category : Fish


Serves 8:
800 g fillet of tuna

105cl La Divine

1 red onion

1 shioga beetroot

1 sugar beet
coriander seeds
pink peppercorns


125 g crème fraiche
2 g raita

2 gr konjac

white vinegar
salmon roe to garnish


1 / Heat up 25 cl of La Divine with the coriander seeds, pink peppercorns and a spoonful of honey until it has reached 65°C. Allow to infuse for 10 minutes and season with pepper and salt. Cool down and place the fillet of tuna in the cooled liquid. Set aside in the fridge.

2 / Use a mandolin to finely dice the two types of beetroot and submerge into a mixture of the sugar and vinegar to create pickles. Slice the red onion into circular shapes and plunge into iced water to firm up.

3 / In a syphon, mix the crème fraiche, the ground raita, the konjac and 80cl of La Divine. Close the syphon and add two cartridges of carbon dioxide.

4 / Dice the tuna, garnish with the pickled beetroot and a small amount of salmon roe. Add a couple of dashes of La Divine emulsion from the syphon and serve.

Recipe by Laurent Devos and the students of the Haute Ecole Lucia de Brouckère using La Divine from Silly.
Serve with La Divine chilled at 7 to 10°C.