E. Bouvé (Le Mercier) talks about his restaurant and discusses beer pairing

Emmanuel Bouvé took over management of Le Mercier on 1 December 2015. Located at Grand Place 44, 7800 in Ath, Le Mercier is a Brasserie full of character where you can enjoy a good glass of Silly and fortify yourself with regional cuisine in the brasserie style. Meals are prepared by a chef who earned his stripes in the grand, starred restaurants of the region. Le Mercier seats 65 on the first floor, 80 upstairs (banqueting hall, meeting room…) and 80 on the terrace. Emmanuel’s favourite beer is no doubt the new Silly Rouge, a brown beer with cherries (see What’s New, the new Silly Rouge). The restaurant’s menu currently offers three beer pairing dishes: the Sabayon with Silly Rouge (prepared at the table by Emmanuel; he always makes too much so other tables get to enjoy it too), Blanquette de Veau with Scotch Silly and shrimp croquettes with Silly Rouge. The customers simply rave about them! What Emmanuel likes most about Brasserie de Silly: the service-oriented attitude and the flexibility displayed by the entire team.